TIGRUS Restaurant Holding
Tigrus restaurant holding was founded in 2005 by Henrik and Julia Winther. Today Tigrus holding is a team of professionals that has created 5 unique restaurant concepts and is developing them throughout Russia.
Apart from the core business all restaurants of the holding participate in the Tigrus Project, a charity program to save Amur tiger launched in 2015.

Living is not just eating
  • The Italian restaurant Osteria Mario offers a family, friendly atmosphere of sunny Italy
  • A restaurant for a resident of a megacity with its dynamic rhythm
  • In the Georgian bistro restaurant 'Shvili' you can taste not only traditional Georgian dishes, but also enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness
  • Zest Coffee & Wine Cafe is the place where two favorite habits of Muscovites meet, to start the day with coffee and to finish it with wine
  • This is a charity program for the conservation of the Amur tiger in the Khabarovsk Territory
  • Eco-friendly
    The restaurant holding carries out several targeted initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and wildlife
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