TIGRUS Restaurant Holding
Tigrus restaurant holding was founded in 2005 by Henrik and Julia Winther. Today Tigrus holding is a team of professionals that has created 5 unique restaurant concepts and is developing them throughout Russia.
Apart from the core business all restaurants of the holding participate in the Tigrus Project, a charity program to save Amur tiger launched in 2015.

Living is not just eating
The Italian restaurant Osteria Mario offers a family, friendly atmosphere of sunny Italy
A restaurant for a resident of a megacity with its dynamic rhythm
In the Georgian bistro restaurant 'Shvili' you can taste not only traditional Georgian dishes, but also enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness
Zest Coffee & Wine Cafe is the place where two favorite habits of Muscovites meet, to start the day with coffee and to finish it with wine
Charitable Foundation for the Conservation of Ecosystems of Siberia and the Far East
The restaurant holding carries out several targeted initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and wildlife
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