Presentation of children's environmental magazine
Tigrus Charity Foundation "Tigrus" pays great attention to educational programs. Among important steps the foundation took is the release of a children's environmental magazine.

Schoolchildren from Arsenyevo village located in the Khabarovsk Territory in taiga on the border with the Anyuysky National Park have already become familiar with the new edition. And the other day, the official presentation of the children's magazine took place in the Central Children's Store (Detsky Mir) at the Osteria Mario restaurant. It was interesting and fun!

May the northernmost tigers in the world live and thrive!)
Holding's restaurants fully erased their carbon footprint
Tigrus Holding and the Center for Ecological Innovations entered into an agreement to offset carbon gas emissions into the atmosphere and reduce environmental pollution. The holding's restaurants allocate funds for tree planting in the Altai Territory and preventing forest fires.

In 2019 the holding's restaurants completely erased their carbon footprint.

'We are confident that with the Altai Forest Project we will be able to do even more in order to maintain the ecological balance in our country and in the world in general', says Henrik Winter, founder of the holding.

Restaurants such as Osteria Mario, Bar BQ Cafe, Shvili, Zest, Vanya da Manya took part in the environmental initiative.
'Shvili' opens in Moscow's City
The fourth restaurant of the Georgian chain of fast food restaurants 'Shvili' opened in the 'Afimall' shopping center on March 18. Now employees of offices in the City will be able to fully enjoy true home Georgian cuisine from Chef Liya Mardaleishvili. Khinakli, khachapuri, kebab, lobio, kharcho, satsivi - real music for the ears and joy for the stomach! The restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm.
Bar BQ Café opens in Oceania shopping mall
On April 18 the fifth restaurant of Bar BQ Café chain opened in Oceania shopping center. Now you can eat juicy steaks and burgers, as well as taste unique dishes from the chef in between shopping and leisure time with the family. The restaurant was rebranded, its logo and uniform changed. The restaurant's menu became richer and more attractive, the music is modern as never before while sofas and chairs are even more comfortable!
The restaurant is open daily from 10 am till midnight. DJs play on Saturdays and there is a children's room especially for our youngest guests.
Shvili and Osteria Mario open in 'Salaris' shopping center
Tigrus Holding opened two restaurants at once on April 25 at 'Salaris' shopping center near Salaryevo metro station. Georgian fast-food restaurant Shvili and Italian restaurant Osteria Mario opened their doors here. Both restaurants are located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center and are open from 10 am to 10 pm.
Italian passions in Osteria Mario
Osteria Mario introduces you to traditional flavors of Italian regions. We start our gastro journey through traditional Italian tastes from the heart of Italy, Rome and the surrounding Lazio region. Ungoverned temper and real passion make the food of these places absolutely memorable and bright. Pinsa, polpetta, cacio e pepe, profiteroles are fantastic flavors that you can't forget!
And Mario will go to Venice, Tuscany and Apulia soon, meanwhile we invite you to enjoy the tastes of true Roman patricians.
Breaking news! Shrimps and oysters arrive straight from the seas!
This news is really fresh and delicious, all summer at Osteria Mario we pamper you with shrimps and oysters on ice. Remarkably we serve oysters only in Central Children's Store (Detsky Mir) and Citydel Business Center.
Also, our bar manager Georgy Maksimov offers wine that suits every dish. Except for Osteria in Salaris shopping center and Detsky Mir.
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